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What is the adVantage Orthotic?

Every great athlete has their secret to the perfect move, form and stance to increase accuracy and performance. Want to know how to get the adVANTAGE to a better golf performance? Find out about our golf pro secrets for better swings, increased swing distance, and improved golf game. Every golfer spends a considerable amount of time training and perfecting their form and balance for the optimal swing. Vantage Golf Orthotic has developed a shoe insert for the golfer who is focused on improving performance and stepping up their game! Vantage Golf Orthotic is the evolution in the golf orthotic for increased performance and greater efficiency during swing. Step into your shoes and step into your game with Vantage Orthotics.

Vantage Golf Orthotics was developed by Undefeated Athletics, a company dedicated to the improvement of athletic performance. Our goal is to provide a quality golf orthotic that will be a game-changer for golfers on all levels. Vantage golf orthotics were developed and created by nationally recognized sports and ankle surgeons who have treated many top level PGA and LPGA golfer's as well as other well-known professional athletes. This lead to the research and development of the Vantage golf orthotics to boost the performance of golfers from all levels.

The advantage is in Vantage. Vantage golf orthotic inserts come in two styles: one for left-handed golfers and one for right-handed golfers. The orthotic inserts come in a men’s large and small as well as a woman’s large and small. For men, if your normal shoe size is between sizes 5-8 then a size SMALL is right for you. If your normal shoe size is 9+ then a size LARGE is right for you. For Women, If your normal shoe size is between sizes 6-9 then a size SMALL is right for you. If your normal shoe size is 10+ then a size LARGE is right for you. Right-handed and left-handed inserts were developed and designed to accommodate how each foot functions differently during each phase of swing. Vantage golf orthotic inserts are created to fit in any player’s shoe, and can be trimmed to size if needed.

What makes Vantage Orthotics the best golf orthotic available? Simply put, other training aids only work in the driving range, but Vantage golf orthotic can be used by playing on the golf course, keeping you positioned and ready at all times. Unlike other standard orthotic inserts, Vantage Golf Orthotic was developed with the golfer in mind. Its patented technology was developed though research and proven to be the top training aid for golfers. Not only are vantage golf orthotics a training aid but they are a golf performance booster. Better swings, though research.

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